Our name means something important to the community here at Freedom Clothing Co. The name reflects our hope that all of the world will become free to pursue their dreams and goals without the fear of oppression. The goal is to inspire and motivate the world with ability and insight through art. Do what you want to do!

When our customers think of Freedom Clothing Co., they think of premium T-shirts. This association makes sense because that is exactly what and where this independent company started with in 2010. We make a lot of T-shirts and we will continue doing just that. We love art and growing with the times.

When we built Freedom Clothing Co., we were very mindful of all resources. Our reputable suppliers were chosen with consideration to cost, quality, company policies, and employee rights. We are affiliated with the Fair Labor Association, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending sweatshops worldwide. We will continue to be part of lasting solutions to stopping exploitative labor practices.

Our clothing is made strong and will stand the test of time and outlast the rest. We are very proud of our colorful designs with a balance between nature and street inspired. We even have a 100% lifetime guarantee! If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase please contact our customer service department customerservice@freedomclothingco.com or call our number at the bottom of this page.

Over the coming years, with the continued support of our customers, like you, Freedom Clothing Co. will diversify beyond T-shirts and into skate, snow, and surf apparel. However our T-shirts will always remain the most popular pick among Freedom Fighters around the world! Love Life! Check back often for new stuff!

We are Freedom Clothing Co.

Your premium independent clothing company.

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